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Hey guys, Multiplayer games are one of the best games to play. I have played a lot of multiplayer games and I assume you have played many too. The main problem faced by many of us is that we don’t have good friends to play with so I want to tell you How to find gamers to play with.

Multiplayer games provide a sense of achievement when we win against real players they push our limits and skills to defeat our opponents. Multiplayer games let you hone your skills day by day and let you learn new things as you play.

Multiplayer games that require teams to play are the hardest games because when you play with randoms most of the time they don’t cooperate and play alone let alone playing objective which is quite irritating because no one wants to lose because of teammates.

These games are also a good way to find good friends and make everlasting bonds.

There are some ways to find Gamers to play with let’s find out.

1. Find friends during gameplay

Well, that’s the most obvious one. When you play games you encounter very good teammates that like to play objective as well as they are cooperative. They are the players that you’ll love to play with again and make a long-lasting friendship.

What you can do is to write their Gamertag and send them a friend request. In some games, you can message them as well so you can tell great game wanna play again so they might play with you again and who knows your team can dominate the whole game.

One other thing is the communication you’ve to communicate with your teammates and appreciate them if they play well like if someone snipes from a very long range you can say great shot it may not mean a lot but they’ll know that you acknowledge them and you’ll get a good friend to play with.

There are many games that you need competent teammates to play without any worries and to win of course. Games like call of duty: warzone which will test your teamwork and cooperation. It’s a must-play game if you like battle royal games click here to read about it.

One more thing to remember is to be casual with them don’t send personal information like phone number and email address right away and don’t ask for it either and if they want to meet you do a video call first so you know how the person looks like before meeting.

2. Social media and Apps

There are many social media and apps where you can find like-minded people and play multiplayer games with them. The biggest advantage is that you will be interacting with a large group of gamers so you can have many friends to play with.

There are many platforms that you can find gamers to play with are:-

1. Reddit

How to find gamers to play with- reddit

Reddit is a network of large communities based on people’s interests. There are countless communities known as subreddits you can join for many things including gaming. In those subreddits, people post news and stuff and questions for the answer and you will get answers very soon.

There are many subreddits you can follow based on your interest. You can join many subreddits you want according to your interest and you can find at least one subreddit for your interest.

You can join subreddits for movies, animes, games, books, and for questions, you can join r/askreddit. There are countless subreddits you can join.

For gaming, you can join many subreddits where you find lots and lots of gamers and if you’re looking for a specific game you can do that too like for league of legends, or call of duty, etc.

You have to create an account on 

Some subreddits for finding gamers are:-

1. r/gaming:- This subreddit is all about gaming where you can find gamers for every genre like video games, card games or board games, etc.

2. r/games:- This subreddit is very good for finding gamers as well as to discuss games. You can start a discussion or join a discussion to talk about your favorite games. This subreddit is very good for informative purposes.

3. r/gamers:- This subreddit is also very good for gaming discussions and finding friends. And the best thing is if you’re a YouTuber you can share your gameplay in this subreddit too.

4. r/IndianGaming:- This subreddit is dedicated to gamers in India. Here you can find Indian gamers to play and chat with. You can discuss your problems here and ask for suggestions too.

5. r/patientgamers:- This subreddit is for those gamers who don’t hype new games, wait for the games for some discount or don’t have time to play new games. In this subreddit, you can find gamers for old games too like there are still many players that are playing black ops 1 in 2020.

6. r/GamerPals:- This sub is dedicated to finding players to play with. Specify your game and platform and I am sure you will find some players to play with

Some subreddits for specific games

1. r/LeagueofLegends:- This subreddit is for League of Legends players to interact.

2. r/Minecraft:- This subreddit is for one of the most popular online game Minecraft.

3. r/WorldofWarcraft:- This subreddit is for one of the best MMORPG World of warcraft

4. r/Dota2:-This subreddit is for players of Dota2

5. r/CodWarzone:- This subreddit is for Call of duty Warzone one of the biggest battle royale game.

2. Facebook

How to find gamers to play with-Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that connects the whole world. There are many fan pages and groups on Facebook covering everything in the world. There are many groups on Facebook that you can join for finding players. There are countless groups and fan pages for gaming. You can even do a live stream on Facebook with your friend which is quite awesome.

In Facebook, you can find general communities as well as games for specific games like I mentioned in the Reddit section of this post. Search for your games and search for groups.

Some Facebook groups you can join are:-






3. Discord

How to find gamers to play with-Discord

Discord is an app specially made for gaming communities. Discord helps you find gamers to play within and you can find people for almost any games. Many YouTubers and Pro players make communities for players here you can interact with them and play together.

Discord provides high-quality voice chat too so you can talk with your friends while gaming and you won’t need games in-game voice chat.

There are countless communities on discord and you can even create your own. You can find general gaming groups or for specified games too. Some of the discord channels are:-

1. RD2 PC:- This server is for red dead redemption 2 PC players

2. PC master race:- This server is for the PC enthusiast.

3. Call of Duty Warzone:- This server is dedicated for Call of duty Warzone This site is good for finding many discord servers.

4. Gametree

How to find gamers to play with-Gametree

Gametree is an online community especially for finding gamers to play. The game tree has many gamers looking for players to play and you can find players for any platform like PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mobile. You can sync your social media like Facebook, Steam, Instagram, etc.

This community is toxic-free so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary rage. You can play find players for countless games.

You will receive XP for playing games and your level will be increased so the more your level means the more reliable player you are and non-toxic.

Gametree has a personality test which is very awesome and there are different personalities too.

You can even filter the friends you require by language, area, country. You can even find players near your area as well.



How to find gamers to play with-GameFame

Gamefame is an online community just like gametree. You can find countless players here too for many games.

You can sort players by console, age, gender, language, country, etc.

There are different players for different types of consoles like PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii, etc.

You can find gamers for playing many games like Overwatch, Doom, Call of duty, Sims, etc.

This app is good for finding like-minded people and you can even challenge them on 1v1.

6. Gamerlink

How to find gamers to play with-GameFame

Gamerlink is also a great app just like above for finding players to play with.

Gamerlink will provide games news, help you to find players, build teams, make clans and interact with other gamers.

This app also includes games from every platform like PC, PS4, Xbox One, etc.

There is an android app, ios app and desktop client available so you can install it on any device you like.

3. Find friends offline

There are many ways to find friends offline too. You may have some friends or acquaintances who’re interested in gaming so you can recommend them the games you like so they can play with you. You can ask your friends to recommend to their friends who’re interested in gaming.

You can visit your local game store and game parlors to find gamers. You can directly ask like I’m looking for players to play call of duty and maybe you’ll find yourself a teammate. Many local game parlors host game tournaments so you can find some good players as well and show off your skills too.


Now you know various places where you can find gamers to play with. Nowadays during quarantine people are at their homes so now is a good time to play games to distract yourself from all the negativity.

There are many gamers out there that you can find to play with and maybe you’ll find good teammates and start playing competitively.

Do you have any other place where you find gamers to play with let me know in the comments?

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You can read about me to know what I am going to cover in future posts.

If you’ve any problems or suggestions feel free to contact me I’ll be more than happy to help you guys.

Happy Gaming.

Ashish Singh(Trevor)

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10 thoughts on How to find gamers to play with

  • Kenechi Obinna April 13, 2020

    Playing games is a very good way to have some relief during this lockdown and I love playing games. Thanks for showing me where I can search for players who will always want to play games with me.

    There is another app where you can get players too but you may not get much players there. The app is called 2go app. It is a social media app but you can also find good game players there.

    • Ashish Singh April 13, 2020

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad that you find it helpful. I will definitely check 2go app thanks for the suggestion,

  • Gomer April 13, 2020

    I used to be a gamer during the day of Frozen Throne and Defense Of The Ancient but since the games have evolved into something mobile these days, I started to lose interest. But then, a lot of my friends are telling me they’re still in the game although most of them have migrated to mobile, a significant number are still playing DOTA 2, Call of Duty on PC, and other online games. And they have their own groups, just like the ones you listed here in your post.

    Once this COVID-19 crisis is over, I’m thinking of going back to online gaming and would like to meet new friends to play with. I know that via chat we can get new friends and playmates even with strangers. So, I’d like to ask, is it okay to arrange a “meet up” offline with those gamers and strangers we meet online? Or, are they better kept “purely online”?

    • Ashish Singh April 13, 2020

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad that you find it helpful. It’s completely okay to arrange a meetup but first video call the person and meet in a public place like cafe or something.

  • Lisa April 13, 2020

    Now in the time of lockdown would be excellent to find people to game with, thanks for the idea.

    Your post is very well explained and have given many different examples of where to find 

    People to play with. Facebook would be ideal for me to check out.

    I found it a pleasure to read.


    • Ashish Singh April 13, 2020

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad that you find it helpful.

  • Kirkman April 14, 2020

    Hi, thank you for great articles like this. connectivity in the gaming world is what bring more fun and meaning. without it, it becomes meaningless, it is like barcelona playing soccer but without other opponents and without a league. nothing defines it.

    i have always engaged facebook and reddit and i hope i can expand more

    • Ashish Singh April 14, 2020

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, connectivity and interacting with others make gaming so much fun. I really liked your Barcelona example.

  • Smoochi April 14, 2020

    I am really happy to know that Discord provides high-quality voice chat so that we can talk with our friends while gaming and we won’t need games in-game voice chat.

    i knew little about reddit and their connection to game play. so it is a good thing to have detailed information like this.

    i know that i majorly use facebook which i believe is getting really popular

    • Ashish Singh April 14, 2020

      Thanks for the comment. I am glad I helped you out.


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