Must have apps on windows 10

Must have apps on Windows 10

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Hey Guys, When you get a new PC or you have freshly installed windows it’s a daunting task to select which apps should you install first. If you want to know how to install windows 10 click here. There are many apps that you get in a freshly installed window 10 which is of no use. There are many free apps better than the default apps that you can use. In this Guide, I am going to tell you about Must have apps on Windows 10.

1. Office Software

Must have apps on Windows 10- Libre office

1. Libre Office:- Libre office is an open-source office suite developed by The Document Foundation. If you think that paying for Microsoft office for using the word, excel, PowerPoint, etc is the only option that’s where you’re wrong. Libre Office provides most things that you get in Microsoft word for free.

Major programs for both MS office and libre office.


Programs MS Office Libre Office
Word processing MS Word Writer
Spreadsheet MS Excel Calc
Presentation MS Powerpoint Impress
Database MS Access Base

In Libre Office, there are apps that can work exactly like MS Office. There are certain things that you won’t get in Libre office like Email programs that are MS Outlook but it can be easily ignored because you can get many similar email apps for free like Thunderbird.

Libre Office also supports formats of MS office like .docs, .xls, .ppt, etc but a file may look different on the libre office because of the different fonts in MS office.

One thing is MS office new versions are not compatible for old versions and you’ll get a message that some of the features are not supported by earlier versions and you can lose some of the crucial data.

While Libre office is more compatible than MS office because it supports more formats than MS office like .epub.

Microsoft uses ribbon menu while the libre office is just like old versions of MS office but the new notebook bar option provides a grouping of similar functions.

I think if you want to save your money and you’re not using the cloud functions Libre Office is perfect for you.

You can download Libre Office from Here.

Must have apps on Windows 10- Free Office

2. Free Office:- Free office is a free office suite but it’s not open source. Free Office is like a lite version of Softmaker’s official suite. Free Office has limited options than the Softmaker official suite. The free suite can support Microsoft extension because of their partnership with Microsoft so if you don’t want to use Libre Office you can use that too.

You can download Free Office from Here.

2. Internet Browser

Internet browser is a necessity nowadays and each and everyone uses the internet. To browse the internet you will need a web browser.

Must have apps on Windows 10- Google Chrome

1. Google Chrome:- Google Chrome is a web browser that is very reliable. It is a very fast web browser with a user-friendly menu. Google chrome is also cross-platform that means you can use your, desktop, laptop, phones to access the synced data. Syncing of data is very good in chrome. There are many useful extensions available for free in Chrome stores like adblocker, Batch image downloader, popup blocker, etc. I will make a thorough guide for some useful chrome extensions soon. The only downside that I heard it consumes more ram so I will provide a comparison.

Must have apps on Windows 10- Mozilla Firefox

2. Mozilla Firefox:- Firefox is a good browser if you didn’t want to use chrome. Firefox is a very good alternative for chrome and claims that it uses 30% of less ram than other browsers like chrome. Ram is a volatile short term memory that store apps for quick access. More ram means more tabs you can open at the same time. Webpages in firefox look like it opens fast than chrome but that’s not the case every time. The only thing that firefox lacks is screencasting. Casting will let you play a video on a different device that has the same app so I can watch youtube or Netflix on my smart tv. So if you use screencasting I doubt you will use firefox.

Must have apps on Windows 10- Chrome vs Mozilla

This screenshot clearly shows that even on 30 tabs Google chrome is consuming less ram than Firefox with only 11 tabs.

3. Music Streaming:- Spotify

Must have apps on Windows 10- Spotify

When I have my first PC the only way to listen to songs is to manage a lot and lots of mp3 but now that’s not a case. There are many music streaming apps but the one that I recommend is Spotify. Spotify has a lot and lots of quality music and its ad-supported free version let you listen to music to your heart’s content. The premium version of Spotify is worth buying too. Spotify became my number 1 music choice since it was released in India. There is a dedicated app, unlike play music which is online only.

4. Photo Editors

You may want a photo manipulator for your pc. Because of the rise in social media editing photos and uploading is a trend and there are many software’s that you can use for editing

Must have apps on Windows 10- Affinity Photo Editor

1. Affinity Photo:- When you hear about photo editor the one comes in your mind is Adobe’s Photoshop. That means you have to buy a subscription for using photoshop. Well, Affinity Photo is a very good alternative with one-time pay for around 2000 rupees which you can install in many PC’s and you will get a free 90-day trial to decide whether you want to buy it or not. The interface is very similar to Photoshop so you won’t have a hard time figuring it out.

Must have apps on Windows 10- Picasa

2. Picasa:- Picasa is a very good software if you want to do basic editing like red-eye remover, color contrast adjustment, etc. The interface is easy to use, it integrates easily with Google’s web-based Picasa Web Albums service, allowing me to easily share photos or groups of photos, and it does basic photo editing tasks well. It’s my preferred software for browsing photos.

Must have apps on Windows 10-

3. For basic editing Paint is a very good software but for some enhanced editing is a good free option. mimics some Adobe photoshop functions and it’s a good alternative for basic photo editing like blurring the background.

5. Media Players

Media players are essential nowadays because of the increasing trend in movies. Stock Media players like Windows Movies & Tv are not good enough because it’s very slow and doesn’t support many formats.

Must have apps on Windows 10- VLC

1.VLC:- Vlc media player is my favorite media player because it is capable to play most of the video and audio formats without any hassle. It’s open-source software and it’s freely available. There are many features that make vlc the best player like you can stream and download youtube videos, Convert videos to any format, and add more features by using vlc addon.

Must have apps on Windows 10- KM Player

2. KM Player:-Km player is another good media player that is freely available and supports more formats. I Personally use KM Player for playing.TS format which vlc gives problems. To increase its compatibility even further, you can add external codecs. With support for 3D, 4K, UHD support, users can enjoy high definition videos on their devices.

6. Password Manager:- Last Pass

Must have apps on Windows 10- LastPass

The last pass is an excellent password manager which saves all the passwords that you put in different sites. It comes in handy and saves your time so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of resetting your password in every other site. This app helped me greatly that’s why I recommend it to everyone. LastPass is a cross-platform tool so you can access it on any device and it’s also an auto form filler which saves a lot of time.

7. Security:- Malwarebytes

Must have apps on Windows 10- Malwarebytes

The security of the device is very essential. By using a good antivirus you can prevent harmful viruses, trojans, spyware, adware. These additional guests will hamper your system performance and may steal your data. That’s why it is recommended not to download anything from a non trusted site. If you have a genuine windows 10 windows defender is a very good antivirus that can prevent many things but it lacks many features and sometimes it didn’t find malware effectively.

Malwarebytes is a well-trusted malware cleaner that can detect the majority of malware that most antivirus can’t detect. It uses different techniques and measures to find malware and eliminate the. In the free version, you have to actively scan your PC while in the premium version it can detect viruses automatically. Premium version is very good and if you love the premium version you should buy it which costs 4000 rupees per year.

8. Screenshots:- Screenpresso

Must have apps on Windows 10- Screenpresso

Screenpresso is wonderfully easy to use software for capturing screenshots and managing it effectively. You can take full-screen screenshots or a part of a screen. Video recording if screenpresso is extremely good and with one click you can start capturing videos. I recorded many clips when I play games and I loved it. You can assign a hotkey for screenshots which is cool because you don’t have to go through options for capturing screenshots. Screenpresso is a very light software that won’t consume your resources while providing a good experience.

9. Gaming

Must have apps on Windows 10- Steam

1. Steam:- Steam is a valve’s digital game delivery service. It is a standalone application that lets you buy games directly and download it to your computer. Steam also provides automatic updates to your games and you can schedule your time too. Steam is essential software for gaming because it’s one of the biggest markets for games. You can search for free games, indie games, and the most preferred AAA games titles. Steam also provides community support which lets users interact with each other so the problems they receive in games can be solved. There are some stores like steams where you’ll get specific games like Origin, Epic Games, etc.

2. Discord:-

Must have apps on Windows 10- Discord

Discord is an app specially made for gaming communities. Discord helps you find gamers to play within and you can find people for almost any games. Many YouTubers and Pro players make communities for players here you can interact with them and play together. Discord provides high-quality voice chat too so you can talk with your friends while gaming and you won’t need games in-game voice chat. There are countless communities on discord and you can even create your own. You can find general gaming groups or for specified games too. Discord voice chats are way better than most games voice chats so I recommend it to download it especially if you plan to play games with your friends. Discord is a good way to find good gamer friends you can read about it here.

3. Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Must have apps on Windows 10- Razer Cortex:Game Booster

Razer is a long-established maker of great gaming peripherals and software to improve your system’s performance. Razer cortex is a software that can be used in any PC whether you download games from steam or origin it still enhances the performance of every game. This software is good if you want a little tweak and you want to enhance your experience this app is for you.

4. Msi Afterburner

Must have apps on Windows 10- MSI Afterburner

Msi Afterburner is a free overclocking tool to enhance the performance of the graphics cards. Msi afterburner will work on every device not only on MSI products. Msi afterburner helps users to increase GPU’s clock speed and voltage and control the fans speed to make sure there is a complete balance between performance and temperature. Msi afterburner provides inbuilt video capture tools and fps meter to monitor the framerates and system performance while playing the game. I will upload a tutorial for Msi afterburner in the future.

5. CPU Z

Must have apps on Windows 10- CPU Z

CPU Z is a lightweight program that lets you get detailed information about your pc and how to improve the performance. CPU Z isn’t a fancy software but it helps you to get all detailed information on your PC’s different areas. You can see what’s going on in real-time, and save reports at any time in TXT or HTML format.


Here I conclude the list of must-have apps in windows 10. I tried to cover all the things that user need in his/her computer. If you use any softwares that you use in your PC and want me to include in the list please tell me in the comments.

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If you’ve any problems or suggestions feel free to contact me I’ll be more than happy to help you guys.

Happy Gaming.

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