The Impact of Next Gen Consoles on PC Gaming.

The Impact of Next Gen Consoles on PC Gaming.

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Hey Guys, There are two high-end consoles are releasing to change the definition of Gaming. Play Station 5 and Xbox series X are the two consoles that are releasing this year. The question is how these two monsters will affect PC Gaming. Both PS 5 and Xbox series X have included many new things like new powerful processors, graphics chipsets, new controllers, ray tracing, etc but a lot of the tech can already be found on PC.

Both Xbox series X and PS5 use AMD Zen 2 and RDNA 2 Chipset that is far better than the consoles of previous generations. But sooner or later these counterparts will be available for PC as well. The new AMD 3000 processors left their mark as one of the best processors for PC and the credit goes to Zen 2 structure and as for RDNA 2 Graphics card, those will be available almost the same time as these consoles.

There are lots of cool features of these consoles but they don’t have a monopoly and sooner or later these features will come to PC and many of them are already available to PC let’s check it out.

1. 12 Teraflops Graphics Power

12 teraflops power is introduced in Xbox Series X. So what is a flop? you may think when the sales are below expectations is called a flop. In this case, FLOP means floating-point operations per second. This measures the number of calculations a CPU or GPU can perform per second with floating-point numbers. The number of flops in a given processor is used to compare the performance of different hardware.

So now we know what a teraflop is so let’s compare some hardware with Xbox Series X

1. PS4:- 1.84 Teraflops. Xbox Series X is equivalent to 6.5 times of PS4

2. PS4 Pro:-4.2 Teraflops. Xbox Series X is equivalent to 2.6 times of PS4 pro.

3. Nintendo Switch:- 1 Teraflop. Xbox Series X is equivalent to 12 Nintendo Switches.

But modern processors are not that simple. Only one stat isn’t appropriate to judge the performance of consoles but one thing for sure we should see better teraflops result.

There is nothing new in this power I must say because you can get the same power in your PC right now. The Nvidia RTX 2080 has 10.1 teraflops of power, and the RTX 2080 Ti surpasses even that with 14.2 teraflops. One thing is you can get a console cheaper than RTX 2080. I hope there will be some improvements in the near future and we can accomplish that power in PC for a cheap rate.

2. DDR6 Ram

It is rumored that PS5 and Xbox Series x will use a DDR6 ram because the previous generations PS4 and Xbox one has DDR5 rams. DDR5 was released for PC after some time the console was released. I’ve been using a ddr5 graphics card myself and it’s very good.

DDR6 has been a norm since 2018 when Nvidia released the RTX series in 2018. PC has DDR system rams (Without G) for normal functions and Dedicated video ram for Gaming. Sometimes allocation problems cause issues in games and that’s not a problem in consoles because they’re designed for gaming only.

RTX 2080 has 11GB which costs around 1,05,000 in Indian Rupees which is very high. The PS5 and Xbox Series X will have 16-24GB of Ram.

So what is the use of ram? Ram is used to hold the data to render data as the game played. Ram is a primary memory and is much faster than the secondary memory and it can be used to render data because it is way slower. More and faster ram allows the game to load more textures. Now the minimum Ram required by PC is minimum 8GB.

3. Graphics:- Ray Tracing

What is Ray Tracing?

Ray tracing is an advanced and lifelike way of rendering lights and shadows. This can produce very realistic lighting effects which are very eye-pleasing. Ray tracing uses it as an algorithm to trace the path of light and simulate the way that light reflects in the virtual objects and hits the computer generated world. Nowadays ray tracing is very common since the release of RTX series but it is not implemented on a large scale by Big companies. Ray tracing is used mostly in limited ways like realistic shadows and reflections.

Xbox series X and PS5 uses the AMD Navi series GPU structure. I think this will be the first GPU series that provides ray tracing. As of now as I am writing this post there are no AMD cards that support Ray Tracing.

Nvidia is ahead in this area because the RTX series have special cores for Ray Tracing. Nvidia also tried it with later GTX series but the frame drops were massive.

There are many technologies of AMD are implemented in PS5 and Xbox series X like Nanite and Lunen.

Nanite:- Nanite allows developers to import highly-detailed assets directly into games without worrying about system demand. Usually, the game maps and assets need to be detailed and it requires large manpower. It’s a quite tedious task. With Nanite this process can be bypassed this will allow developers to craft beautiful scenes and maps for games without worry so unreal engine will let them stream and scale in real-time. Unreal engine is able to grant developers more power they can create beautiful engaging assets without worrying about system demand.

Lumen:-  Lumen is a dynamic global illumination technology that reacts to lighting and scenery changes. Artists and designers can create more dynamic scenes using Lumen. Lumen will allow developers to create beautiful dynamic scenes like changing the angle of the sun etc. I am desperately waiting for new beautiful environments that are created by unreal engine 5.

This will help developers to create a more breathtaking environment for PC Games.

4. Storage:- Super Fast SSD

Both PS4 and Xbox one have 5400 RPM(Revolutions Per Minute) Hard Disk Drive and this kind you won’t find these days on a half-decent laptops because they even find trouble running Windows 10. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X have the latest NVMe SSD drive which PC Counterpart was just announced. Samsung Evo 980 is the closest comparison which was announced in CES2020 in January.

SSD’s are nothing new in the PC world since the majority of the motherboards support SSD. Samsung Evo 980 supports 7.6GBs Speed which is 75 times more than the conventional HDD. High-end PCs are using SSD from a decade ago and it helped PCs to boot and load games faster. Now the question is what impact does SSD make in Consoles?

One thing with SSD is it doesn’t be a case of SSD=More FPS but one thing for sure that console users will experience rapid boot, Faster loading time, fast installation of games, Cut down texture popping (it was a big issue in PS3) because any SSD can load textures faster because of it’s read and write speed.

5. Audio

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X will support 3d audio that it’s predecessors never accomplished but what about PC? Gaming PCs support 3d audio and spatial sound for a long time now. These consoles will have a dedicated chip for it to deliver that sort of performance.

So for using this 3d sound do you need to install an army of speakers in your ceiling? Well, the short answer is no you don’t need to. This use advanced virtual sound by using HRTF(head related transfer function) to trick our mind to hear 3d audio in standard stereo speakers.

Headphones are considered optimal for 3d sound but speakers can create sound scale much better than headphones with the only downside is you can’t hear low voices like someone whispering in your ears. If you’re a PC user you may know that 3d sound was here for almost 2 decades while it’s new tech for consoles.

The most notable example of 3d audio back then was Aureal 3D, EAX, and Directsound 3D. This was implemented in Older games like GTA 3 and Half-Life so no you know that this technology is nothing new. Sony is bringing 20-year-old tech for PS5. I think there will be some special headsets now for an optimal experience.

6. 8K Gaming

PS5 and Xbox One X both are capable of 8K gaming. Many experts claiming it the future of PC gaming but in my opinion, it’ll take a lot of time to be a norm. One thing with 8K gaming is how many people have 8K Tv? I don’t have it and I can’t afford it either. Sony’s Z9G | MASTER Series | LED | 8K | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Android TV) which is an 8K Tv which 85-inch cost is around 6,00,000 rupees and 95inch will cost 45,000,000 rupees which is an absurd amount for the majority of Indians.

Even games at 1440p and 4K suck all the system resources so I can’t imagine how processor intensifying 8K gaming would be. In 8K gaming, you have to sacrifice a lot of texture elements like particles and textures and definitely framerates.

8K gaming is a processor intensifying process but there is a chance that new-gen consoles will perform 8K without the huge extra strain on the processor. 8K Gaming is accessible to very handful people when Dell’s UP3218K released an 8K monitor and With RTX 2080 Ti Battlefield 5 with decent framerates. One thing for sure 8K is accessible to very limited people. I pray 8K gaming would be a norm soon.


Next-Gen Consoles will definitely have a positive impact on PC. Both Dual Sense 5 controller and Redefined Xbox Controller will be available for PC sooner or later. Tell me your thoughts in comments which feature you’re interested most and what more can be included in PC.

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Happy Gaming.

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