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GTA V is free on Epic games store – Here’s how to download it

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Hey Guys, Grand Theft Auto 5 is freely available on the Epic Games store till May 21. If you snag it before 21 you will keep the game forever. GTA is an epic game and it’s still one of the best games when it was first released in 2013. The game is premium edition and it gives you 1,000,000$ to spend in GTA Online.  The money will be added to your account within 7-10 days of the first online game.

You will need an Epic Games to account to download GTA V. You’ll also need to enable two-factor authentication, which can be enabled from your Epic Games account page. You will need Epic Games launcher to download the game to your system.

GTA V is an extremely popular game so when Epic Games announced that it’s available for free Epic Games launcher crashed but now everything is running fine.

I recommend you to at least own GTA V in Epic Games even if you don’t want to install right now.

Steps to Download GTA V from Epic Games store

Step 1. Visit Epic Games Website.

Step 2. Download and install Epic Games Launcher.

Step 3. In Website search Grand Theft Auto 5.

Step 4. Click on Get and complete the procedure. Now the Game is in your account and you can download it from epic games launcher.

Step 5. Open Epic Games Launcher and search for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Step 6. Click on GTA V and start installing by choosing the desired path you want.

This will Download GTA V in your PC.


Here I conclude how to install GTA V for free. GTA V is an action-packed game with a great storyline and awesome characters. Both Online and Offline game modes are awesome. GTA Online is a fan’s favorite so gather your friends and play the Awesome GTA online rob some banks, Do a cycle race, etc.

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Happy Gaming.

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