New PC Games Coming Out In August 2020.

New PC Games Coming Out In August 2020.

Hey guys, we got awesome games in July 2020 like the racing master class F1 2020 and the Strand Game the masterclass Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima. You can read about games released in July 2020 by clicking here. This pandemic has caused a lot of trouble worldwide and effected the gaming industry as a whole now the things are getting normal and games are releasing to divert our attention in tough times. August has it’s fair share of awesome games let’s check it out.

1. Fast and Furious Crossroads – August 7

Fast and Furious is a huge franchise and if you’re into movies I am pretty sure that you have watched or at least heard about this awesome action-packed movie. I am a huge fan and have completed the whole series 4 times. Fast and Furious crossroads is an upcoming fast-paced car chasing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and Codemasters and published by Bandai Namco.

This is a multiplayer game that has three factions Heroes, Villians, Cops. Heroes have iconic faces from the franchise like Dominic Torreto (Dom), Letty, and the funniest Roman. The villains are awesome too with different backgrounds and Then there are cops just cops but lethal enough to destroy both heroes and villains.

There are 3 game modes in Crossroads

  • Rescue– In this mode the villains have to drop an item to their destination and the heroes job is to stop them from delivering the item while the cops have to stop both teams.
  • Seek and Destroy– In this mode, the villains have a simple job that is to protect their targets by any means available and the heroes job is to find and deplete the health of the target all the way to zero. The cops must try to stop both the crews.
  • APB– The above two modes focus on the heroes and villains but this mode is focused on cops. In this mode villains and heroes have to reach their destination while the cops need to stop and destroy both the parties.

Every mission in fast and furious require a good plan that’s why selecting the  proper vehicle class according to the mission is necessary

There are 5 different classes Power, Terrain, Speed, Lightweight, Tech.

The customization of this game is very good the only flaw I can see is that graphics could be better but nonetheless the gameplay is what makes the game interesting. If you’re into Fast-paced racing mayhem give this game a try.

Minimum System Requirements for Fast and Furious Crossroads

OS:- Windows 7 64bits

Processor:- i5/ AMD FX 6100

Memory:- 8GB ram

Graphics:- AMD Radeon HD 7870 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 55GB

2. Horizon Zero Dawn – 7 August

PC gamers are in treat because the award-winning open-world role-playing (RPG) game is releasing on PC and guess what we’ll be getting The complete addition. Now we get a chance to explore the beautiful journey of Aloy and to unravel the mysteries of a world ruled by machine dinosaurs.

Aloy’s journey to find why the mech’s rebel and what makes them corrupt is very interesting. The wasteland of the post-apocalyptic world begs you to explore it. Like most RPG games where the characters are bit pale Aloy is a very intelligent ambitious and tenacious character and it feels like you’re not controlling but teaming up with Aloy to unravel the mystery.

The combat with bow and arrow is quite good in controllers where you use different arrows to kill the mech dinosaurs. They have got a turret on their back because obviously they’re a mech and you have to shoot those turrets with arrows. With the mouse, the precision of arrows will be oddly satisfying.

This game lets you talk to other characters as well which is good and you can choose between compassionate, confrontational, or diplomatic responses. You have to hunt the dinosaurs because it takes tactics to kill them after certain point you can play without killing them and by hacking them and turning them against each other.

You may have already read many reviews about how this game is and in my opinion, if you’re into RPG open-world game this game is specially designed for you.

Minimum System Requirements for Horizon Zero Dawn.

OS:- Windows 10 64bits

Processor:- i5/ AMD FX 6300

Memory:- 8GB ram

Graphics:- AMD Radeon R9 290/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

Direct X:- 12

Storage:- 100GB 

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator- August 18

Microsoft Flight Simulator is also known as flight simulator 2020 is an upcoming flight simulator developed by Asobo Studio and published by Xbox Game Studios. The game is going to be better than ever because it will simulate the entire earth using textures and topographical data from Microsoft’s very own Bing Maps.

One beautiful thing is when you get the game you can fly over your house. If you live in the right place you can see the textures of your very own house which is magnificent. This game will test your piloting skills in the real-time atmospheric simulation and live weather in a dynamic and living world.

The game is very vast there are around 37000 airports, 1.5 billion houses, around 2 million trees, mountains, rivers, and other beautiful landscapes.

There are different types of aircraft with realistic cockpits makes it the best flight simulator game. The airports and aircraft may vary from the different edition of the games. The game looks very promising and if you want to experience what’s it like to be a pilot or if you want to travel the world in this pandemic without leaving your home you can do that too.

 Minimum System Requirements for Flight Simulator 2020.

OS:- Windows 10 64bits

Processor:- i5/ AMD FX 6300

Memory:- 8GB ram

Graphics:- AMD Radeon RX 570/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770

Direct X:- 12

Storage:- 150GB 

4. PGA Tour 2K21 – August 21

Professional Golfer’s Association abb PGA 2k21 is an upcoming golf game developed and published by 2k. This game will fill a huge void left by the EA Sports Tiger Woods Series. This game is a treat for all the golf lovers and even I play golf games casually.

There are 15 courses available which is just the double number featuring in the golf club returning PGA tour.

These courses will be awesome in my career mode where you have to create your own player with lots of customization available and compete against the pros like Sergio Garcia, Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Kuchar, Kevin Kisner, Gary Woodland.

There should be an option to play as a pro but you can only play against them. The road to being the FedexCup champion is not a cakewalk you’ve to prove your worth to be the champion. The cutscenes and cinematic are fabulous and a treat for every golf lover.

You can play by the rules or you can create a new one. You can host leagues with your custom rules to your friends which are very very awesome in my opinion. I would like to play a handicap mode to assert my dominance it’s a fun mode and you should try it too.

The other main feature is you can create your course with a huge amount of customization and you can share it with other players too. You can receive in-game Adidas merchandise. If you’re a golf lover this game is definitely for you you’ll not regret it + the preorder makes it more interesting.

Minimum Requirements For PGA Tour 2K21

OS:- Windows 7 64bits

Processor:- intel core i5

Memory:- 4GB

Graphics:- AMD Radeon HD 5770/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 12GB 

5. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

Samurai Jack was not a cartoon back then when I was a kid it was an emotion. I admired Jack more than anything in my childhood and when I heard it’s coming as a game in 2020 I was on cloud 9.

You will pay as samurai jack in this game and it’s a completely new story by the makers of samurai jack that will take you through past, present, and the future. Your decisions will create a new legend.  You can encounter your favorite characters from the show including The Scotsman, Scaramouche, Sir Rothchild, and more!

The game will take you the iconic locations of the show so you can relive your childhood. The game is in 3d and the combat looks great just like a hack and slash game. You have to team up with your trusted allies and defeat the evil AKU to free mankind.

This game and Samurai Jack is an emotion and all the kids back then would love to be a part of this adventure. For the new players and those who don’t know Jack I recommend this game because you’ll love every part of this.

Minimum Requirements for Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

OS:- Windows 7 64bits

Processor:- intel core i5

Memory:- 8GB

Graphics:- AMD Radeon HD 5770/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 10GB 

6. Project Cars 3- August 28

Project cars 3 is an upcoming racing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco. This is the second game of the devs that is releasing in the same month the first is fast and furious crossroads. It’s quite impressive that two games of the same developers are releasing in the same month and both related to cars.

Project cars 3 looks better than ever as it includes more customizable cars that you can use in 140 different tracks, the AI is stronger than ever. There is a dynamic 24-hour cycle which is awesome along with various seasons and different weather.

There is a VR support in this game that you can play in PC. VR makes the game so much fun that’s for sure. The revamped career mode and multiplayer makes the game awesome. Unlike its predecessors, there is no tire wear and fuel so there are no pit stops while racing which is good because it was a big hassle.

I recommend this game if you love cars and racing because the game offers so much so you can enjoy it without getting bored.

Minimum Requirements for Project Cars 3

OS:- Windows 7 64bits

Processor:- intel core i7

Memory:- 8GB

Graphics:-  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 40GB 

7. Wasteland 3 – 28 August

Wasteland 3 is an upcoming turn-based RPG game set in a post-apocalyptic world developed by inExile entertainment and published by Deep Silver. This game is a sequel to wasteland 2.

The story is quite engaging and tactical awareness is necessary. Finally, this game is releasing after getting delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic that many people are waiting for.

The moral choices and dilemma will keep you on the tip of your chair and that’s a guarantee. I am fan of the tactical games as I told when I talked about gears tactics and I will definitely play it. If you’re into tactical games with difficult choices this game is for you.

Minimum Requirements for Wasteland 3

OS:- Windows 7 64bits

Processor:- intel core i5

Memory:- 8GB

Graphics:-  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 55GB .


So I conclude the list of games releasing in August 2020. I am very much excited about Horizon Zero Dawn, Samurai Jack: Battle through time and Wasteland 3. I pray everything will end soon and we can enjoy our lives just as before.

Make sure to comment on the games you’re looking for in August.

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I will cover all upcoming PC Games in September shortly.

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If you’ve any problems or suggestions feel free to contact me I’ll be more than happy to help you guys.

Happy Gaming.

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