New PC Games Coming Out In June 2020.

New PC Games Coming Out In June 2020.

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Hey Guys, we got a couple of good games in may like Saint’s Rows: The Third, Minecraft Dungeons, etc. I enjoyed maneater a lot you can see the full list here. June has its fair share of games that you would like to play let’s check it out all the new PC games coming out in June 2020.

1. Valorant:- June 2

Valorant is a 5v5 action and tactical shooter game developed by riot games. Valorant is an awesome tactical shooter where you need to be precise and lethal to win the gunfights. You will pick agents to play the game and each agent has different abilities. Just like counter strike this game has an economic system that lets players buy weapons and abilities to dominate the opponents.

Each team consists of five players where one team is attacking and one is defending. The attacking team has a bomb known as spike and they need to plant and the defending team will try to defuse the bomb.

Overall it’s just like Counter-Strike but with more features. The plus point of valorant is you can aim down sight(ads) so it’s good when you’re holding angles and peeking corners. Valorant is like a casual version of CS:GO.

Many pro players are switching from CS:GO to Valorant like Tejas “Ace” Sawant and others. I will definitely play valorant but I am not sure if I can stop playing CS:GO. Valorant is free of cost just like CS:GO so you should definitely try it.

Minimum System Requirements for Valorant

OS:- Windows 10

Processor:- Intel core i3

Memory:- 6GB ram

Graphics:- Nvidia GeForce 800 series, 2GB

Direct X:-11

Storage:- 35GB

Additional notes: Internet connection required to play, purchases available in-game.

2. Pro Cycling Manager:- June 4

In Pro cycling manager player take charge of the cycling team with the sole aim of taking them to the top. To be on the top you have to recruit players and manage the finance as well as manage the morale of the players so they can perform in the crucial moments.

Riders will have a request from time to time whether it is inclusion in races or something personal and you can either accept or decline the request but beware one decision can change everything. You have to make decisions to have the balance and harmony in your team. You can play as a cyclist in Pro cyclist mode to be on top.

You can also play online with 15 players. The Game consists of all 21 races of Tour de France as well as 230 other races with 650 stages overall. The game is packed with many features and races that will keep you entertained for a while.

I am a big fan of management games so I will play the game, especially for Tour de France when I got time. I will recommend this game to all management games lovers and who love Pro Cycling.

Minimum System Requirements for Pro Cycling Manager

OS:- Windows 10

Processor:- Intel core i3

Memory:- 4GB ram

Graphics:- NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 / Intel HD 4600

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 13GB

3. Command and Conquer Remastered Collection:- June 5

Command and Conquer is a real-time strategy game with a huge fan following. In Command and conquer you have to construct bases and acquire resources and create forces to eliminate opponents to capture their bases. The funds in this series are acquired by harvester units which bring cargo to get it refined in the refinery structure.

All factions have similar structures and units. Units can be classified as infantry, vehicles, naval(red alert 2), and aircraft, each with their own subdivisions.

This Command and Conquer remastered have both original as well as red alert games with a lot more features than the original. You can switch graphics mid-game to the classic and remastered, Awesome cinematic, mod support, map editor, etc. The online multiplayer is fabulous you can host or join the game.

There are many options like resource allocations, starting units, etc. Strategy games are one of my favorites and I’ve played the command and conquer Tiberian dawn before. I also like RTS like the rise of nations and I will definitely play and I am desperate to try multiplayer.

Minimum System Requirements for Pro Cycling Manager

OS:- Windows 8.1

Processor:- Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4gh

Memory:- 4GB ram

Graphics:- Radeon HD 5570/GeForce GT 420

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 32GB

4. Decks of Ashes:- June 9

Decks of Ashes is a card slinging open-world RPG game with tactical card combat. You have to search for cards to fight your foes. Each foe has different strengths and weaknesses so it will keep you on your toes and force you to adapt. This game is awarded the best game on unity in 2019. This turn-based battle will let you use a strategic approach and if your character dies you have to start from scratch.

Decks of ashes sound very promising game but I am not sure if I will play it any time soon because I have many games on my list right now. If you’re into turn-based card fighting game you”’ definitely love it. The game is not that expensive and costs only 459 rupees which is a great deal.

Minimum System Requirements for Decks of Ashes

OS:- Windows 7

Processor:- 2Ghz Processor

Memory:- 2GB ram

Graphics:- 512MB Graphics Card

Direct X:- 9

Storage:- 5GB

5. Disintegration:- June 16

Disintegration is an upcoming SciFi real-time strategy game with an action-packed awesome storyline campaign and an engaging multiplayer. It was developed by the V1 Interactive studio of  Marcus Lehto, the co-creator of Halo. The plot of the game is very interesting and set in the near future of the Earth.

You will play as Romer Shoal, a gravcycle pilot. As Romer, you have to issue commands to your four-man squad and activate their abilities while you provide aerial cover to your team. The game is set on the 150 years into the future and the future is grim. Due to overpopulation, food shortages and a global pandemic have taken the world to the brink of extinction.

Scientists have found a way to insert the human brain to robots in order to reduce the demands placed on earths resources. Even though this process is temporary the militant group named Rayonee is forcing humans to go through that process. The plot is very interesting and I am very eager to play.

Multiplayer features three modes each with variety of maps. Multiplayer supports 10 players. Players can either choose to lead the crew with gravcycle and units at your disposal or fight enemies on the ground. There are nine crews that you can choose each has its own abilities.

Minimum System Requirements for Decks of Ashes

OS:- Windows 7 64bits

Processor:- i5/ AMD FX-8320

Memory:- 8GB ram

Graphics:- Nvidia GTX 760

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 50GB

6. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated:- June 23

Are you ready kids?? Aye Aye CAPTAIN. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated is an upcoming Nickelodeon animated series game. This game is remastered of the game which was released in 2003. You will play as main character Sponge Bob Square Pants, Patrick, and Sandy to defeat plankton and his invasion of robots created by duplicatron 3000.

The core gameplay is to destroy robots while avoiding environmental hazards. There are some places that can be accessed by specific players because they have different abilities. The game is very funny and the story and game mechanics are awesome. I haven’t played the console or windows version back then so I will make sure to try the rehydrated version.

The game looks awesome with high end visuals and polished gameplay. Two players can play the new multiplayer mode whether online or split-screen. The sponge bob multiplayer will keep you and your buddy entertained I can assure you.

Minimum System Requirements for Decks of Ashes

OS:- Windows 10

Processor:- i3

Memory:- 4GB ram

Graphics:- Nvidia GTX 760

Direct X:- 9

Storage:- 30GB


So I conclude the list of games releasing in June 2020. I am very much excited about Disintegration and Valorant. There are many major releases in June there are some good indie games releasing as well.

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I will cover all the upcoming PC Games in July shortly.

You can read about me to know what I am going to cover in future posts.

If you’ve any problems or suggestions feel free to contact me I’ll be more than happy to help you guys.

Happy Gaming.

Ashish Singh(Trevor)

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