New PC Games Coming Out In May 2020

New PC Games Coming Out In May 2020.

Hey Guys, We got many good games released in April like Resident Evil 3 Remake and Predators: Hunting Ground you can read the complete list here. There are a couple of interesting games coming in May 2020 which I would like to play and you should try it too. Due to this coronavirus pandemic video games are a great option to keep negativity at bay and reduce stress. Let’s find out the New PC Games Coming Out in May 2020.

1.Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1:- May 15

Tales From off-peak city is an adventure game that lets you explore the open-world map and uncover it’s mysteries. You have a job to steal a saxophone from the pizza shop owner but there will be a lots and lots of twist to keep you engaged. Game is filled with memorable characters and their stories full of secrets and mysteries. You have to make a lots of pizzas for your customer with an awesome pizza making minigame. You will have to look and explore countless things like searching drawers, opening fridges and taking photos. This game is full of surprises that is waiting for you to explore and the game is ready to make you engaged. This is the first part of anthology and many more will come in future.

Minimum System Requirements for Tales from Off-peak city

OS:- Windows 10

Processor:- Intel core i3

Memory:- 8GB ram

Graphics:- Nvidia GeForce 800 series, 2GB

Direct X:-11

Storage:- 2GB

2. Maneater:- May 22

Maneater is an action-packed RPG game or may I say SharkRpg game because in this game you’ll play as a deadly predator of the sea SHARK. Sharks are the beasts and nightmare to many humans and other animals. You will play as a small shark and eat and grow your shark to become a big ravaging nightmare for others. This game has diverse enemies that will keep you engaged like different humans and other apex predators. The only thing you have to do is eat, grow and explore. The story is quite unique and you have to explore different beautiful areas and hunt humans and other predators to become the legend. It’s a quite unique game and I recommend you to try it maybe it’s the first game where you’ll play as a shark. correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below.

OS:- Windows 7

Processor:- Intel core i3

Memory:- 4GB ram

Graphics:- Nvidia Geforce 470 or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series

Direct X:-11

Storage:- 4GB

3.Saint’s Row The Third Remastered:- May 22

Well What can I say The Saint’s Row is coming and it’s better than ever. This is the game which I am most excited in may and definitely wants to play and relive the experience in remastered version. Saint’s Row the third is an action-packed 3rd person gangster game that will take you to the city of Sin still port. After making the name for themselves and get the celebrity status another crime organization, The Syndicate asked them for tribute but the proud Saint’s refused to bow down to The syndicate. The game is action-packed in open-world setting and with the remastered graphics, it’s definitely more engaging. The graphics changed drastically in this remaster.

This game also provide co-op so you can rule the world with your friends which is pretty cool. The game includes all the three expansion mission packs and 30 DLC from the previous games which is very awesome. If you’re into action-packed gangster game or a fan of saints’ row series this game is for you.

OS:- Windows 10

Processor:- Intel core i5

Memory:- 8GB ram

Graphics:- Nvidia geforce Gtx 660 TI or AMD Radeon HD 7870

Direct X:-11

Storage:- 30GB

4. Minecraft Dungeons:- May 26

Finally Minecraft Dungeons got the release date which was expected for a long time. Minecraft dungeon is a dungeon crawler game with randomly generated levels to keep you entertained. You can read more about this in my previous article


So I conclude the list of games releasing in May 2020. I am very much excited for Minecraft and Saint’s Row Third Remastered. Some games delayed their release date because of this pandemic like The New world until august which is quite sad because it’s an awesome multiplayer game that I would like to play in the free time.

Make sure to comment the games you’re looking for in May.

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Happy Gaming.

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