Watch Dogs 2 will be free on July 12 during Ubisoft’s Digital Showcase.

Yo Guys, We all know that this pandemic has effected the gaming community very badly since there’s no E3¬†and other major gaming conventions are canceled. It has affected both the companies as well as each and every gamer who is desperate for the news, leaks, and gameplay for our favorite games.

All the game announcements were covered by individual publishers which didn’t go well but gamer’s hopes are high for the upcoming¬†Ubisoft’s Digital Showcase¬†on Sunday, July 12. There are many upcoming hyped games that will be featured like Assassins Creed :Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Leigon, Gods and Monsters, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and the newly released free to play battle royal Hyperscape.

There are some rumors swirling around the announcement of Far Cry 6 so I am hopeful we’ll get a trailer or at least an announcement because I am a die-hard fan of Far Cry series and I completed Far Cry, New Dawn, two times even though I think it’s more like a DLC to far cry 5.

Even though if you’re uninterested you can get the hacking game of 2016 Watch dogs 2 for free during this stream. You have to log in to your Uplay account and if you don’t have I recommend you create one especially for free Watch Dogs 2.

The pre-show will start from 11 Pm IST during which the Ubisoft’s team will be playing Trackmania before rolling into the main event. The main event will start on 12:30 AM that means on July 13. You just have to log in with your Uplay ID at any time after Trackmania and at the end of the show ends to claim watch dogs 2 for free. You can read more about it on Ubisoft’s Website.

Tell me in the comments are you excited for Ubisoft’s Digital showcase and Watch dogs 2. Also which game you’re looking for in the upcoming event. I will make a summary article of every news of this event.

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