Call of duty:warzone review

Call of Duty:Warzone Review

Call of Duty Warzone came as a surprise for most of us there were man leaks that a new Battle Royal game is coming but at that time there was no confirmation. Call of Duty Warzone was released on 10 March 2020 and it was so sudden that I was unable to inform on my previous article about new games releasing in March. The best thing is this game is free to play for everyone but the major downside is this game is enormous and in between 80-100GB for new players and for those who’ve Modern Warfare 2019 they only need 18-22GB because warzone uses modern warfare’s framework.


There are two modes in Call of Duty Warzone

  • Plunder
  • Battle Royal


While many of us hyping about battle royal but the plunder mode is a great mode to enjoy and in my honest opinion it can compete with battle royal easily. Plunder mode is different from BR but uses the same maps that Verdansk and mechanics. In plunder 102 plays together broken in the squad of 3. The task of your squad is to gather 1million dollars or having more cash than other teams in 30 minutes to win the game.

Unlike in Battle royal players will able to respawn after deaths. Plunder uses the same map as a battle royal but plunder will let users explore more of the map which is very hard in a battle royal. The cash earned by players are not the teams cash until they deposit it so you’ll be targeted if you’ve more money. So just in case if your teammates have more money, unfortunately, you’ve to become a bait so they can escape. The team with more money are marked on the map and can be hunted by other teams for cash.

There are several ways to earn cash in plunder mode first is to loot cash from the ground or supply boxes that are abundant you can get 100k in a few minutes. Another way of earning money is by completing contracts or opening cash drops which are dropped by planes and marked in green smoke. Cash drops don’t only contain cash but legendary weapons too so it will definitely help you in the later stages of the game. Another way to earn money in plunder is by killing other people and steal their cash but bear that in mind that you’ll only get the percentage of loot, not the whole loot.

There are 2 more methods of earning money and they are my favorites as well. These methods are high-risk high reward type. First is to attack the attack choppers which come in the last stage of the game and these black choppers contain a huge amount of cash and you can bring that down by using RPG. The second method is to rob the bank and loot cash from vaults. These vaults have alarms that will alert other opponents of your heist. You need to plan carefully for these tasks and make sure your team cooperates otherwise it can backfire.

There are 2 modes to deposit the cash in plunder first is to go to the cash deposit helipad and you can deposit an infinite amount of cash. The other way is to use cash deposit balloons that allow you to deposit a small amount of cash. You can get these balloons in the supply box or you can buy it from buy stations. It is a good way to deposit a small amount of cash without picking any fights.

Battle Royal

You may already know that the battle royal is. There are many battle royal games like apex legend, Fortnite, etc. Call of duty Black ops 4 launched the battle royal for the call of duty fans which is a very good game. Call of Duty Warzone takes the Battle royal genre to a whole new level. Call of duty warzone is the biggest and baddest battle royal game. Unlike many other competitors, Call of duty warzone has 150 players divided in a team of 3 which means you’re up against 49 other squads which is very thrilling.

This game has the same mechanics as any other battle royal game which is to land, find loot and kill the opponents. But there’s a lot more in warzone than any other battle royal game. The first thing that excites the most gamers is that the game is free for everyone. Things that separate warzone from the other’s are if you die you’ll be sent to gulag for a one on one fight which can grant you a chance to enter the match once again after winning the duel. Even if you lose the duel don’t worry there are other ways to respawn in the game. You can buy a self revive kit from buy station from the in-game currency you earned in that match which lets you heal yourself completely when downed by enemies. The same stations provide redeployment kid which let you revive the teammates even if they lose the fight in gulag.

In this game, you don’t have to worry about health because health regenerates automatically when you’re away from fights. The game is action-packed which will entertain you for a long long time. The game is very thrilling and you need to be alert at all times to survive the attacks. When you land you’ve pistol which is good enough for you until you find loot. There are many weapons scattered in buildings as well as supply boxes and you don’t even have to worry about backpack because this game doesn’t have a backpack. You can have armor plates and can use 3 armor plates for your protection. You don’t have to worry about loot either because you can have only 2 weapons and you can equip armor ammo and throwables automatically without managing grids.

There are many perks in warzone which separate the game to its competitors and these perks will give you a competitive edge over your enemies like dead silence. There are also many kill streaks in a warzone like armor plate bundle, Shield turret, cluster strike, etc which you can use to neutralize your enemies. The warzone also has random supply drops that don’t give you random legendary weapons instead it’ll let you choose your multiplayer loadout in battle royal so you will have all the attachments in weapon and even character perks that can’t be acquired to give you the competitive edge over your competition.

The only thing is that it gets repetitive and you may lose interest after the first victory. Look a fortnight the game has provided users many tasks to keep them busy while playing this will let players glued to the game so I hope in near future Warzone will give us a task to keep us busy. Warzone has the potential to be the best battle royal game because the game is massive with lots of features and the best thing it’s free. It’ll be fascinating to see how the game develops in the near future and what more could be added in the game. This game is a must-play for Call of Duty fans and for those who love unpredictable action in games.


Image credit:- Call of duty Warzone

The graphics quality of warzone is fabulous and the detailing of objects is awesome. Warzone has a massive map with many locations and different sceneries like there are places with snow and some places with trees. Graphics detail is very good and even on low settings game is pretty decent too. Verdansk International Airport Karst River Quarry are very beautiful places with great loots. You can play plunder mode to explore the more of the map and witness some breathtaking scenes and eliminate enemies.


The audio details of warzone are very detailed. Warzone has different terrains and different locations so walking on snow has a different sound than walking on sand or walking in the building. You can hear gunfire clearly even if you’re far away from a fight. Guns sound is an absolute masterclass there are many guns in warzone and each and every gun has a different sound. Sound of kar98k is by far my favorite even though I’m not a good sniper. With quality headphones, you can enhance your gaming experience and you’ll be able to track enemies easily.

Minimum System requirements of Warzone

OS:- Windows 10 64bit

Processor:- Intel i3

Memory:- 8GB

Graphics:- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1650 or Radeon HD 7950

Direct X:- 11

Storage:- 90GB

Additional:- Fast Stable internet connection required for smooth gaming.

Common Problems in Warzone PC

Warzone is a great game and the best part is it’s free for everyone. SInce warzone is still new it has it’s fair share of problems and more common problems in mid to low range devices. Even the company claimed that it’s a very optimized game many of us including me are suffering from heavy stuttering which makes the game unplayable. Call of duty released a patch 1.16.2 last Tuesday and it definitely solved many problems but the game isn’t smooth in low-end devices even some of the high-end devices are suffering too. Framedrops is common when you engage in a firefight even on gulag where you fight 1v1 to get a chance to enter the battlefield again.

Many users also reported crash issues which are a game-breaking bug and it’s very frustrating when you’re doing well and the game crashed. The game is suffering from network issues too where it’s taking a very long time to connect to the server. Desync is also a problem in warzone which is annoying for sure.

Fps (frames per second) is also an issue in cod warzone and the top devices are giving 80-100 fps when they should be giving 100+ at least so the mid-tier devices are getting around 30-60fps which is still playable but not recommended for competitive games. Frame drops is also an issue because of game stutter when you encounter enemies or you engage in a firefight.

Installing shaders bug is also common in which the game install shaders every time you open the game.

Well, the game is still new and it’s updated frequently so I think the game will become better for every one of us very soon and with a game of this size it’s normal to have some problems.

Some common fix to make the game better.

  1. Update Windows:- It may sound absurd but it’s true that windows update improve PC’s performance if you’ve used previous versions and then the creator’s update you’ll definitely agree.
  2. Update Graphics card driver:- Updating the graphics card driver is necessary for new games to run efficiently. Nvidia recently released a special patch for warzone to optimize it for the pc. Go to AMD or Nvidia site to download the latest driver.
  3. Use wired connection:- If you’re on wifi try to connect with the cable it will definitely improve your internet speed.
  4. Stop Background processes.:- Warzone is a heavy resource consuming game so it’s advisable to close all background apps and processes.
  5. Change task manager priority:- To change this open task manager go to details and right-click on warzone process set priority to high.
  6. Lower your in-game settings:- It’s advisable to lower your in-game settings to increase the fps to make the game playable. Lower your graphics settings and disable Nvidia highlights.


Call of duty Warzone is definitely a great game and has the potential to become the best battle royal by defeating Player unknown battleground(PUBG), Fortnite and apex legends. Cod mobile hits 6 million downloads on the very first day and hits 15 million downloads in mere 3 days which is by far better than it’s competitors that are Fortnite and apex legends. Cod warzone is definitely a thrilling action-packed game with uncertainties at every moment. This game will blow your mind with its high action-packed fights and countless ways to defeat and even humiliate your opponents. If you like battle royal games it’s a must-play game and you’ll definitely love it. This game is cross-platform so you can play with your friends even if you have got a different devices. If the game is not working properly wait for some patches it’ll definitely become playable in the near future.

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    Thanks for this wonderful review….I love playing game whenever am lonely or bored,I would love to play this game call of duty warzone.i read the review and it’s an awesome one.and the interesting part is that the game is free to play.. If you like battle royal games it’s a must-play game and you’ll definitely love it. This game is cross-platform so you can play with your friends even if you have got a different playing device.

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    Hi, Ashish.
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