Saints Row 2 Review - Is it playable in 2020?

Saints Row 2 Review – Is it playable in 2020?

Recently Saints Row 3 got a beautiful remastered so I thought why not replay the saints rows 2 again tell people why it was such a badass game and needs a remastered. When people say about open-world gangster games most players think about Grand Theft Auto only. Saints rows series was more like a carbon copy of GTA but they changed many people’s minds. Saints row 2 was compared with Rockstar’s GTA 4 which was a high budget game and set in a more serious plot. The story was amazing but other than this there was nothing much to do in GTA 4 because it gets repetitive.

Saints row 2 was a fun open-world game where you can be insane. The game is very funny and fully action-packed with a funny interesting story and countless things to do that will keep you away from main missions.

Saints row 2 was released in 2008 developed by volition and published by THQ. The game has a similar concept like GTA but the story is very epic and funny so everyone can enjoy it. It’s not like GTA like taking someone’s daughter for dinner and leave her home. Saints row 2 set after saints row 1 when there’s a bomb blast and the main character got burned badly.

This gives the opportunity for plastic surgery so you can create your own character. You can choose the male or female character, customize your physique and there are three male and three female voices which is super awesome because they recorded all the dialogues in 6 different voices. There will be more character customizations that will unlock as you progress including new taunts and fighting style. You can make an absurd character and enjoy it in the cutscenes which are pretty awesome.

The game starts in a prison hospital where you woke up after 5 years from a coma. A guy named Carlos was there to bust you out of the prison hospital because of his respect for saints and he wants to be a lieutenant on your side. After that running and gunning your way out and stealing police vehicles you escaped and now you can play the open world.

In some years the glory of saints has forgotten the once great saints are no one now so now it’s your job to remind others what saints are. After busting up from jail you’ve to help another returning character Johnny Gat to get out of his prison trial. After busting Johnny you’ve to recruit lieutenants.

There are 3 main gangs now Sons of Samedi the drug mafia of Stillwater, The BrotherHood group of strong men driving Monster Trucks and wreaking havoc, and Ronin the ninja gang I can say. Ultor will be available later on in the game. Every lieutenant has one gang to track and they will tell you about their plans.

Saints row 2 is not like those games which will give you power and dominance over others it’s hard and you have to work your way up to become the badass of Stillwater. It’s equally satisfying that the hard work will get you to your glory not like a donation. Many gamers feel it’s way satisfying that’s why people love dark souls because even though its frustrating fighting hard bosses but beating them will give you equal satisfaction.

Saints Row 2 Review - Is it playable in 2020?

The graphics of saints row 2 are not that great but it’s not that bad either. Even with a low amount of textures, there are buildings popping up sometimes the vehicles gets lost in the middle of nowhere. Well, they have got a low budget then rockstar so comparing it with GTA isn’t fair. The explosions of vehicles the flames look good that’s why saying it has bad graphics isn’t fair either. There are not many unique characters in-game than GTA 4 so you can find your victim’s twin brothers very easily.

Saints Row 2 Review - Is it playable in 2020?

                                                                               (The Crib I bought in Saints Row 2)

The gameplay makes up for the graphics the story is very engaging not like one guy burned your village down and you have to take revenge. The story became interesting as you play the game and fight your rival gangs. The death of your friends hurts a lot and it fueled the rage and gave me the motivation to kill the rival gangs. In one mission you put the nuclear waste in your rival gang’s tattoo ink and his face got burnt badly. The revenge is they tie your friend to the back of the truck you’ve to chase them to save him but you couldn’t do it and all you can do is put a bullet in his head to save him from misery.

The game and dialogues may be funny but the story is quite dark sometimes which will engage you to finish the game ASAP. The gameplay is smooth the shooting mechanics allows you to precisely shoot bullets which I liked a lot as I played most of the time with pistols blowing the brains out which is oddly satisfying. The hand to hand combat was not that great and melee combat looks a bit weird. The missions are not like the other games in one mission you’ve to rob a bank but not for money but even valuable hostage in which you’ve to use hostage like a human shield to get out of the bank.

The dialogues are very well written and witty and I’m in love with Johnny Gat equally witty loyal and dangerous friend.  Another character like drug addict shaundi is very cool as she was the mastermind demolishing Sons Of Samedi. While playing the game you’ll make a connection with the characters and that’s pretty awesome.

There are lots and lots of diversions i.e side quest in-game that will keep you entertained and lemme tell you they are not elementary like other games every side mission has its own story that will keep you motivated and entertained. The activities I loved are Races, gambling, septic avenger where you’ve to use the septic truck and spray SHIT all over the area so the area prices go down. It’s one of the best fun activity because it’s absurdly funny who doesn’t want to spray shit all over the place. Trailblazing was one of the coolest where you’ve to drive a burning ATV to wreak havoc. There are many activities and make sure to try all of them. In one mission you’ve to play as a cop and do police brutality by killing people with the chainsaw to undermine the police.

The radio stations are very awesome you can listen to OG hip hop, heavy metal, and my favorite reggae music. In this game, you’ve to travel one place to another which is very far sometimes so this music will help you. There are even some adds about in-game shops so you can visit them too.

The villains in this game are humans as well so you can pepper spray them out if you want to kill them with pistols or even satisfying RPG them to pieces(not really). The choice makes the game more satisfying.

You can also play zombie mode which is cool to survive waves of zombies by accessing TV in your crib.

The checkpoint system is very cool so if you fail a mission you don’t have to start it from scratch that thing saves me from a lot of frustration.

The interesting part of saints row 2 is multiplayer competitive and co-op. The co-op of saints row 2 is satisfying you can play with your mate complete the story together or play mini-games and activities. Co-op with a friend is always a great experience and even better when it’s greatly implemented. If you found zombies terrifying you can play with your mate too.

There is a little bit of lag and some problems with cars and pedestrians popping in directly in front of you, but the experience of teaming up with a friend makes these slight hiccups easy to ignore. Make sure you have cooperation with your partner because for one’s action police will chase you both so it’ll ruin other player’s experience who’s peacefully driving or spraying the walls. I haven’t got the opportunity back then because I didn’t have anyone that is eager to play saints row 2.  The AI is very stupid some times so the cops will ignore you even if you’re close to them and those AI gangs stuck on benches and don’t know how to enter a car so it’s better if you have a friend to play with.

I highly recommend this game just for the story and gameplay if you got time and want to explore saints rows universe I hope it’ll get a remaster too just like saints row 3. I am positive that if you try this game you will love it.

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